Krunner switching activities

There are times when I open a file while I am in one activity and then it switches to another activity where that program is already opened. I have my activities segregated for my own needs.

The most frustrating recurrence I see is when I do a search for a file in Krunner. If I have Dolphin opened in another activity and I tell it to open the folder that file is in from Krunner, it switches me to another activity where Dolphin is already opened. I want to have results from Krunner only open things in the current activity. Does anyone have any experience with solving this?

Thank you!


Any file can be opened with Krunner directly in the activity that you are executing it. It’s different with folders from file manager when you have it open already in another activity.
Generally, (e.g. for Dolphin) you can open a single separate window in each activity you are working in and the problem you are describing should not be an issues.

With window rules in Systems Settings > Window Management > Window Rules you have several options to either expand or restrict applications to activities. Use cases:

  • Restrict an application to start in only one activity (or several chosen activities).
  • Show an application window across all activities, e.g. one file manager window is probably wanted to be shown in all activities (instead of opening a new window in each activity).

Create a new window rule in System Settings or with right click on Window Title Bar > More actions > Configure Special Application Settings and add a new Property:

  • What you re looking for is property ‘Activities’. Choose for Dolphin for example to show in all activities. Others you can restrict to only a single activity according to your use case.