Krunner file search

Plasma gets better and better but I have never found a satisfactory answer, not even on the KDE forum, as to why Krunner can’t find Freeplane files.

If I open Dolphin and use Ctrl F, I can find these files, but the convenience of Krunner is such that it is a pity that it doesn’t work with Freeplane files.

If anyone can help, I’d be grateful.


System Settings->Search->Plasma Search->Plugins is the way KRunner gets its specific file type searching capabilities. I can’t find any plugin for Freeplane files, so you might wanna contribute instead, if not asking someone who can and are willing to make one.

Using file tags should work with both Krunner and Dolphin. Assign tags to your files within Dolphin and search in Krunner with tag:yourassignedtag. Krunner should work immediately, Dolphin will first require Baloo to index it properly.
Please try.

Freeplane looked interesting, so I installed it.
I created a small map.
I saved it.
Then I opened KRunner…
Not sure what you’ve done, but here’s mine:

Found, and no need to wait for indexing…

Check your search settings :wink:

I think what’s happening in the example you show, is that Krunner is finding your file based on the search term being in the file’s content and not on the file name. i.e. Krunner is treating the content as a test file.

I think this has only recently become possible (it doesn’t work in Neptune OS 7), but at least it is a way of finding the file on condition that the search term is in the content and that the content corresponds to the file name.