Krunner does not find files indexed by baloo


Some file searches in krunner return nothing while those files are indexed by baloo and correctly found by baloosearch.

For example,

baloosearch bureau.odg
Temps écoulé : 0,558524 ms

but when I type the same search in krunner, nothing is returned. This happens with lots of files, some of them new, others very old. Of course those files exist.

It seems related to the problem @arnab exposed in

h ttps://

(sorry, I had to break the link, not allowed to post link ; how ridiculous !) for which no solution was provided.

What I tried so far, without success :

  • stop baloo with balooctl disable ; delete ~/.local/share/baloo/index and index-lock ; then restarted baloo (pointless of course, baloo is obviously not the culprit)
  • delete ~/.cache/krunner and ~/.config/krunnerrc, log out of kde then log in again
  • reboot

Of course, krunner is configured to use the desktop search runner.

There is a kde bug report on the subject.

h ttps://

to which I have not contributed yet.

Any idea ? Thanks.