Korganizer and iCalendar

I am trying to configure Apple iCalendar with Korganizer.

Here what I have done:

  1. Went to https://appleid.apple.com/ and generated a password for 3rd party software
  2. Downloaded Korganizer
  3. In calendar area right click -> Add calendar -> Dav Groupware resource
  4. username: myappleid password: password generated at first step
  5. Groupware server: configure the resource manually
  6. Server configuration -> Add
    As you can see calendar are correctly fetched.

No events are downloaded, even forcing the refresh.
If I add an event from Korganizer I can see it from the iPhone.
If I add an event from iPhone, none events are found in Korganizer.

Do you have any suggestion?

This is a known bug in Kontact and Korganizer that has been open for 3.5 years at this point.