Kora Icons doesn't keep accent color

Hello guys,

Today I fresh installed KDE Plasma’s latest version and wanted to personalize it.
As usual, I installed Kora icons but I have a problem with this because it doesn’t keep the accent color.
It keeps the accent color in the menus, but not in Dolphin. No matter what I do, when I apply the Kora icons, my Dolphin icons reset to that blue color.

Is it possible to use Kora icons but without having that blue folder icon color in Dolphin?

Thank you!


Manjaro has nothing to do with those icons, but if you look at the project, a request to “colorize” the Folder icons was made [Request] Colored folders · Issue #107 · bikass/kora · GitHub in 2021, but that feature is not present. They offer light and dark and a grey one.
GitHub - bikass/kora: Kora icon theme for GNU/Linux os is where you should address your questions about.

Hi Bogdan,

Thank you for your message. I will check there.

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