Konsole (zsh): Icons stopped showing or appear as rectangles, changes with font

Some time ago Konsole stopped drawing icons properly, like the little house symbol for the home directory. Instead the icons are missing, or if I change the font appear as rectangles instead.


The strange thing is this used to work fine and I haven’t touched the theme or font settings. Even the default Hack font does it: By default I use Roboto Mono [GOOG] as I also have Roboto set as my system font everywhere. Selecting other fonts causes them to show up but other stuff becomes ugly.

On my laptop which doesn’t have the issue, I can select any font and the icons don’t break. Something must have changed on my desktop: Can anyone think of what and offer a pointer?

In your profile settings, make sure that the following checkbox is ticked. :arrow_down:

Just did and restarted Konsole, but even then the issue persists. I even set the font to Droid Sans Mono like in the screenshot, only change from Roboto Mono is the icons go from invisible to rectangles.

Well, I guess you’re missing some font packages, because those icons are part of the fonts themselves. All I can advise you is to try out a couple of different fonts, but be sure to select a monospaced font — terminal output looks horrible with a proportional font.

Which could they be? I have manjaro-zsh-config installed which is the only one I read about. Maybe one got uninstalled by accident, I only remove Orphaned and Foreign from Pamac.

:point_up_2: That is most likely the reason.

I think nerd fonts is required …
Do you have it installed?
(specifically manjaro-zsh-config relies on ttf-meslo-nerd-font-powerlevel10k)

pacman -Qs nerd
local/ttf-meslo-nerd-font-powerlevel10k 20230403-2
    Meslo Nerd Font patched for Powerlevel10k

Same answer on my laptop where the font works well, so maybe it’s something else?

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