Konsole up-arrow shortcut history not working

So i’ve reinstalled my system (KDE) and it used to be that when i typed a partial term and press the up-arrow key, that would browse through all instances of my bash_history that contained that term doesn’t matter where the term was located with the command string, for instance if i would type ‘mesa’ and press up-arrow it would browse through terms like ‘sudo pacman -Ss mesa’, and now up-arrow only browses through commands that begin with the term… what should i do to have that behavior back?

Manjaro KDE uses zsh by default - no idea about how command history completion works there.

In order to use bash in Konsole you have to create a new profile (using bash as the shell), and set it as default.

Just changing the default shell to bash
as in:
chsh -s /bin/bash
will NOT change your shell to bash in Konsole.

A very weird design decision, if you ask me … but no one asked me … :nerd_face:

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well i don’t understand a lot about the linux shell environment so i’m at loss here :smiley:

it is by default using /bin/bash

well - if yours is a recent installation of KDE Plasma
it is definitely not using /bin/bash by default.

check with:
echo $SHELL


If you are indeed using bash:
make sure bash completion is installed
otherwise: I don’t know :man_shrugging:

it is bash, i just checked…

As I said:
if yours is a recent Manjaro KDE Plasma installation then the shell in the Konsole app is definitely not bash by default.

If it is bash - you actively changed it.

… but what do I know? - I’ll have to believe you
and tell you that I don’t know how to address your issue …

yeah i did change it lol, i keep my config files, well thanks anyways.