Konsole Plugins

I just realized Konsole has plugins, one of these is the SSH Plugin which is kinda builtin with the plugin manager (As far as I understand).

It looks like some flag should be added to make it work, now I know the repositories are from Arch but I was wondering if there’s a way to make it work regardless (a patch or something), thanks.

It appears the Arch maintainer has been asked for this.
Since that was 2 months ago, I am going to guess they did not implement it.
If you want it though, you can follow the directions in the last comment of that linked MR.

Compiling myself does not worth the effort, thank you.

If you have Manjaro, you can use built-in SSH manager in Konsole, if you have up-to-date Konsole. But you might need enable [kde-unstable] repo.

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Is there any estimation regarding adding this feature to the main line?