Konsole Pahvo to Ornara

noob here
How can in older Manjaro installation Ornara to change konsole to look and work as Pahvo?
Thank you

By updating it to Pahvo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Manjaro is a rolling-release distribution, and you are supposed to keep the system up-to-date. Outdated installations are not supported. :man_shrugging:

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Before you update your system, make sure you have proper backups of your system just in case.

A well-known backup tool that has been around in the community is Timeshift. Check it out below:

That will save you if for whatever reason things go wrong.

Once you have proper backups in place, the following CLI should take care of updating your system

pamac update --aur


Sorry but I wasnt very clear
I want the same bash style

That looks like powerline, but you won’t be able to install that unless you update your system. You cannot mix new and old packages, as that will break your system.

I have updated to Ornara but konsole didnt change the look and it looks like zsh installed by default the latest version

The most recent snapshot release is called Pahvo. Ornara was the previous snapshot release.

Like I said, you need to install the package called powerline for that, but you cannot install any new packages without first upgrading your whole system.

That isn’t bash. It is ZSH. It might be installed already.

cat /etc/shells   

If it’s there use the command


to change the shell.

If it isn’t there, install it.

That’s actually zsh-theme-powerlevel10k using the manjaro-zsh-config. :wink:


Check out this thread below. It might help in achieving what you want:

You need to change your Breath2 Konsole profile so it will use /bin/zsh instead of /bin/bash. It can be done from “Edit Profiles” in Konsole menu.


Thank you all, for your replies

I’m marking this as solved based on your reply above. Please feel free to undo this if you don’t agree with this decision. Thank you.

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