Konsole cursor "visual position" misplaced [SOLVED]

Hello everyone!
I’ve just made a fresh install of Manjaro KDE and started to set up everything… everything was fine until i started using the CLI: simply the cursor is placed in the right position (right after the last character typed) but visually it’s digits ahead making hard to do some edit in the line if needed, and also it moves the farther from last typed character the longest is the typed row :thinking:

Googleing around the only thing i’ve found is this post on reddit.

…and i can ensure i didn’t place 27 spaces between origin and target folder!

Is there a way to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Try switching to a different font (preferably DejaVu Sans Mono or Noto Sans Mono).


DejaVu Sans Mono works well! Thanks a lot!!

At this point i think that selecting “fixed width” (bound to Aller light 13pt in KDE “appearance” ) into Yakuake wasn’t a good idea :expressionless:

Again thanks a lot!!

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