[Konsole and Yakuake] Terminal's cursor is way ahead

My terminals cursor is way ahead and its annoying , the more i write the more far it goes

Hi @Wolf_a,

I’ve read about this before. IIRC the problem is the font used and the solution, therefore, is to try a different font.

  1. Open Konsole.
  2. Go9 to SettingsConfigure Konsole…:


  1. Go to Profile, on the left, select the profile right, and click Edit


  1. On the window that appears, change the font as required. I’ve set mine to Nerd Mono, and have never had a problem like this.

  2. OK/Apply out of the screen/window.

It should, theoretically be working after ensuring the profile is applied.

Hope this helps!

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You have removed the default konsole font - reinstall that font

sudo pacman -Syu ttf-hack

You need to close the terminal emulator to apply the change.


Thanks it worked .

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