Konqueror not opening configuration panel and have a duplicate icon in taskbar

I’m trying Konqueror as an alternative to firefox and i started using it today and i’m having some troubles with it:
1- when i click the software icon in the task bar it shows another icon

2- when i open then i close the configuration panel it does not open again

3- i didn’t not find where to change the link colors.

any of you having this issues?

I tried Konqueror once, and uninstalled it soon after; gave it a second chance some time later, until my humour ran its course; then uninstalled it again.

I believe Vivaldi will be worth your attention; it’s based on Chromium; and is available in the official Manjaro repositories:

sudo pacman -S vivaldi

Aside:- If you decide to keep using Firefox, the Plasma Integration addon/extension is a worthwhile addition.

I primarily use both Firefox and Vivaldi in Manjaro, but sometimes trial others for differing reasons. Konquerer simply couldn’t/wouldn’t suit my workflow. Falkon is also worth trying; lighter than most browsers.

Ultimately, with so many browsers available, the choice is up to you.

As Yoda never said: Use the Search.


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As an alternative to Firefox, try Waterfox

Or Falkon

Or Firedragon

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I liked Konqueror back in the KDE 3 days. I liked how I could have a tab open as a file manager and another as a web browser.


i liked it because of its small size. but there are some small things that did not fit me with it