Konquerer, how to just have it be a file browser?

When I open it, a web page opens. How do I just have it be my file browser?



would achieve that because konqueror is a browser, what do you want done that dolphin or krusader cannot

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In Dolphin can I get it to have the menu bar on top?

Dolphin has the menu at top by default.
Maybe at some point you accidentally hit Ctrl+M ?
Hit it again.

Back to OP …
Konqueror is pretty darn old.
It had some diehard fans … but I am surprised its still used by many people today.
Heck, it doesnt even have an archwiki page.
But its intention was always as a browser+filemanager … maybe it has a setting to disable web features? Or maybe if you dont want such features … you dont want konqueror?

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Just wanted to point out, Dolphin Menu bar is NOT enabled by default on initial installation. New users etc may be ignorant as to how the menu is achieved without a lot of searching around.

Oh really? huh.
It didnt used to be the case … but oh look this install is from 2018. :person_shrugging:

Went back to Mate, the dark mode in KDE didn’t seem as pleasing, alot of resolutions were just squashed (middle of screen going across monitor) & the clock wouldn’t set. A generic error box that basically said can not set current time came up.& was all ready to like it, but the first impression was not so great.