Kodi on Raspberry Pi 4: no PVR clients in add-ons menu

Hello, I installed Manjaro ARM XFCE edition for my RPi 4 recently, and I installed Kodi to watch some IPTV. I’m not very familiar with IPTV or Kodi, but from what I understand, I have to go to “Settings>Add-ons>Install from repository>PVR Clients”… but I can’t find the last submenu. What do I need to do?
I installed kodi-rpi from the community repository.

Which one are you specifically looking for.


I have compiled a few common addons and made packages for them. These are for kodi19 only. Just download/untar and then install the packages then reboot for them to be picked up.

Hopefully you are needing the kodi-addon-pvr-iptvsimple addon which is in this tarball.

0e11e9224d980400ea15ec2fafeb936a  kodi-19-addons.tar


I’m not really looking for anything specifically, as long as it works. I’ve heard of pvr-iptvsimple a lot in general, so I guess that’s what I’ll be using. I’ll try it and update you. Thanks.

It says
Add-on couldn’t be loaded.
An unknown error has occured.
I put the M3U playlist url, and it doesn’t work. I have no clue what the rest of the settings do. Downloading the playlist and choosing the local file doesn’t help either. Nothing’s wrong with the playlist since smplayer and mpv can play the playlist just fine.

I am a little stumped. Every time it needs an addon it will tell you what it needs that I have noticed. It does not seem to be doing that in your case. It appears to be looking for an addon but it does not know what addon.

guess I’ll just do a fresh install on another sd card and install kodi, then see what happens.

I have done some looking here today and see that pvr-iptvsimple is required but pvr-iptvsimple has other addon depends inputstream.ffmpegdirect, inputstream adaptive and inputstream rtmp of which inputstream.ffmpegdirect and inputstream rtmp you do not have.

I will look into building the packages today if I can.

@not_a_robot I have built the other packages. Install all in this link along with inputstream adaptive from the last tarball above. Then enable all and reboot.

I have not had a chance to test anything yet as I have to go to town.

Be sure to enable the addons.


I had time today to mess with this and it seems to work ok.

I installed the addons in the 2 tarballs above and enable them
I put in the m3u playlist url in the pvr-iptvsimple addon
I had to reboot kodi for it to import all of the channels; which the process took some time