Kodi in manjaro


I am new in Manjaro.i am using Khadas VIM3-Pro.i have installed Manjaro KDE Plasma. i was trying to install kodi in manjaro.but not success .
does manjaro support kodi to be install ?

Hi @TusharGajjar,

It would seem Kodi is at version 19.3-2 on all 3 branches:

So you should be able to be install it with:

pamac install kodi

Hope this helps!

Yes Kodi by itself runs well on Manjaro, but please be aware that due to a recent upgrade in python not all add-ons have caught up to the new version yet.
see more below including a path to a solution.

Thanks @Mirdarthos @Alchemix

Kodi has been installed successfully in khadas vim3-Pro board with manjaro KDE Plasma Os .

but My khadas board’s remote controller is not working in kodi.

Hi @TusharGajjar,

I believe a better option would be to start a new thread for a new problem. It’s best to limit one thread to one problem, and seeing as your original question was bout installing Kodi and that’s fine now, it would make this a new issue.

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