Kodak i1210 on Manjaro

how to get a Kodak i1210 running on Manjaro ?
is it supported through sane even though its not in the database ?
alternatively: how can i natively make use of .rpm twain drivers available for suse that i downloaded ?

Hi @flexen,

I have absolutely NO idea if this will work, and if it doesn’t I’m fresh out of ideas, but the c2esp driver, in the AUR, is apparently for some Kodak scanners/printers:

$ pamac search c2esp
c2esp  27-1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               AUR
CUPS printer driver for Kodak ESP and HERO printers

So you could give that a whirl and see. Install it with:

pamac build c2esp

Hope this helps!


This sounds like a job for the SANE devs:

You could optionally subscribe to the Sane Devel mailing list or, send an email to sane-devel-request@alioth-lists.debian.net with one word ‘help’ in the subject, or body of the message.

The list is for both developers and users of sane. They are usually quick to respond. Hope this helps. Cheers.


c2esp fails to build on my machine, regardless, it seems to only support printers. The i1210 is a document-scanner. But thx for the input.

I typically use Canon multi-function devices. The only available software for Linux users are two basic packages (for Debian), which are not only outdated (by at least a decade) but don’t work with the majority of network capable devices today.

The ongoing sane development instills a sense of confidence in using these devices under Linux that Canon clearly have no intention of competing with. I imagine they couldn’t see a clear way to monetize the Linux community.

The sane-devel list has been a handy addition to my weekly inbox at times. Cheers.