Kmail & EWS Problem

I was wondering if anyone else experienced the same kmail/ews problem I have. Whenever I set up an EWS account within kmail I no longer see any content of any mail including other imap folders. And not only is the preview gone also opening any email results in a blank window. Only forwarding or replying to the email shows me the content. It used to work before but one of the recent updates seems to have broken it. I waited for another update for a possible fix, but nothing. I removed all eMail accounts and basically wiped akonadi to start over to now see, that with IMAP no preview works any longer but at least opening an eMail shows its content. But as soon as I add the Exchange account it falls back to the same issue where no eMail can be seen unless I forward or reply them.
Does anyone else have this problem or maybe even know how to fix this?
I don’t know if it’s related to EWS or kmail in general… I guess since IMAP also has issues there’s something wront in kmail or akonadi rather than just EWS. But I have no clue at all where to find out or even fix this. Makes it kinda hard to use my system for work purpose at this moment. :worried:

Thanks a lot!