Kickoff (KDE) Under LXQT


I installed LXQT after I installed Manjaro KDE. So, Iḿ using KDE apps under LXQT (Dolphin. K3B…)

As I am used to KDE and like it, especially the start menu, I tried to make it my start menu in LXQT.
I made a launcher to:

plasmawindowed org.kde.plasma.kickoff

But it wasn’t a start menu as such it was like an app window, so I tried to customize it, like window type, window size, location… etc.

It seems I messed things up. It ended up to be a window on top left corner, can´t drag, can´t modify and can´t close. My fault I know.

So, how can I fix this issue?
How can I make Kickoff my default app launcher/ start menu in LXQT?
I mainly like it because of the search box where it searches apps and documents. That´s why!
Any help highly appreciated.
Thank you.

P.S. I hope this is the right forum as it is mainly related to a KDE app,

It’s impossible to use Kickoff (or any other KDE plasmoid) under LXQT. You should find an alternative.

Open your system monitor, find process related to plasmawindowed or kickoff and kill it.

I already rebooted, and checked system monitor. Nothing running.

Just to be sure I understand, ¨plasmoids" are different from aplications?
Iḿ already using Dolphin and itaybe because KDE Plasma is already installed by default?

Plasmoids are extensions for Plasma (preinstalled or from kde store). Kickoff is plasmoid, any widget on your panel or desktop is plasmoid.

Applications are… applications and can be used independent of rest parts of KDE. Dolphin is application. Kate is application.

I hope you see pattern now.

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Sure! It makes sense now to me.
Thanks a lot. :+1:

I will appreciate if you can help me fix the bad configurations I made so I can move and close the window!
I don´t feel ok just ignoring something not ok on my machine!

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