Kicad crashes after update

After the latest update, I am no longer able to run the Kicad Schematic Editor. I can launch the base menu of Kicad, but trying to launch the schematic editor crashes the program with the following output:

libEGL warning: egl: failed to create dri2 screen
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I am using KDE Plasma Wayland and using the NVIDIA proprietary graphics drivers, which I know rely on EGL.

libegl didn’t get updated in this update, but wxwidgets-gtk3 which Kicad depends on got updated, as did various Nvidia packages and some packages related to Wayland and KDE. What could be the problem?

I too have similar problems with Kicad.

I have found it will run schematics editor from back up versions from the zip files but not other saved versions.

Even then the program is unstable. Frequent saving did allow me to modify a schematic.

No idea though as to what has caused the problem.

System is on a Lenovo E550 which is also running Nvidia graphic card. Kfce version of Manjaro.