Khelpcenter shouldn't be used for opening GTK apps' help documentation

GTK apps use yelp tool to view their help doc, but on Plasma desktop it seems that khelpcenter is automatically opened when you click on help entry menu in any GTK app (like EasyEffects, Gnucash, Meld…), and the problem is that KDE viewer is unable to open or view those GTK help files.

If we remove khelpcenter then yelp is correclty opened from any GTP app, but then KDE apps launch the default browser to view their docs.

The fix is to set khelpcenter as default for KDE apps help and yelp for GTK apps. Because from what I found; it seems GTK apps are not using standard HTML files for their documentations, they use some sort of DocBook (.xml) or Mallard (.page) files.

Not a bug - it is a desktop thing.

If both types of documentation has the same extension there is no way of distinguishing the two.

And most likely the best point of reporting such ‘bug’ is with the KDE developers.

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They don’t have the same extension, KDE docs use HTML files for their apps while GTK ones uses some sort of .xml and .page files.

There is old bug on openSUSE that was resolved as downstream 279240 – installed help documentation of gnucash will not be opened, instead a KDE help center window opened and says: documentation not found

I created a new bug on KDE bug tracker and will see their response if it’s distribution responsibility or not.

It’s not about the file extension, those apps use a help: uri to open help and on a KDE desktop khelpcenter is the provider for that. There’s no way to differentiate between e.g. help:dolphin which it understands and help:meld which it doesn’t.

khelpcenter help:dolphin  # works
khelpcenter help:meld     # doesn't work
khelpcenter man:meld      # works

The root of the problem is that there is no specification for help applications. Maybe one day this draft spec will get finished… help-spec

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There’s no way to differentiate between e.g. help:dolphin which it understands and help:meld which it doesn’t.

But if we remove khelpcenter and keep yelp, the help for KDE apps will be opened using default browser while GTK apps will use yelp, so there is surely a setting in a hidden place where it chooses those alternatives, something like default application for opening help files.

My guess is that if khelpcenter isn’t available then KDE apps fallback to using online help, and GTK apps can now see yelp because khelpcenter isn’t taking precedence as the help: uri provider.

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