Keyboard shortcuts starting apps *and* bringing window to front if they already run

Hi folks,
I mapped the super key plus characters on the keyboard to different applications (like Super-t for Terminal, Super-m for e-mail/evolution; Super-v for VIM, Super-f for filemanager etc.).

I want the same combination of Super-something to bring the application-window to the front if it is already running, but this doesn’t work with my settings; anybody know a solution for this?

Below a link to a possible solution, never tried this myself tho so not sure if this will work. If you use wayland this solution will probably not work.

This should work, I used this method for Spotify back then GitHub - dahlo/spotify_instance_checker: Checks if an instance of Spotify is already running before starting a new one. If an instance is already running it will switch focus to the Spotify window.

thx @omano @Hanzel - I’ll try it, but both solutions are not very convincing to me - a lot of work if you have to adapt the commands for all apps like this. Should be out-of-the-box behaviour of Gnome in my opinion. If I press Super-something and the app is already running (but window not in the front), the icon in the dash (I use dash to dock) is moving/flashing to indicate that the app is already running - but it’s not showing up, as I described. Anyway, thanx for your ideas.