Keyboard Shortcuts on Wayland: some work, others don't

Currently running Manjaro Gnome 41.3 (linux516), I switched from X11 to Wayland and found that one of my shortcuts quit working.

In Gnome Settings - Keyboard Shortcuts - View and Customize Shortcuts - Screenshots, I have set “Save a screenshot of a window to pictures” to Shift+Ctrl+$ (4) (ancient OSX muscle memory). This shortcut works well in an X11 session, but when running Wayland, it does not.

Strange also: when setting it to some other key combination, e.g. Shift+Ctrl+" (2), it does work in a Wayland session.

The shortcuts for area selection Shift+Ctrl+% (5) and for the entire screen Shift+Ctrl+§ (3) work fine on both X11 and Wayland.

Funnily, the shortcut to record a screencast does not work on Shift+Ctrl+& (6) but it does on Shift+Ctrl+/ (7).

What is going on with these shortcuts on the 4 and the 6 keys? Are they used by some other Gnome feature? Why is this happening only in a Wayland session? How can I debug this?

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