Keyboard shortcuts for app


I don’t know if this is possible, but I figured I’d ask…

I have setup shortcuts for some applications, the issue I’m having is that…

if I’m on Desktop 1 and then press the shortcut for app 1, and then I switch to Desktop 2 to start app 2, if app 1 takes a few seconds to launch, it actually launches in desktop 2 instead of the desktop that it initially was launched from.

Is there any work around this?

I’m using KDE.

Thanks in advance.

AFAIK there is no workaround for this .I think you can create a window rule so that app 1 always launches in Desktop 1 as it is not exactly what you are asking for maybe ask for this feature in

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That is indeed the proper way to do it, and what the window rules were designed for. :wink:

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@Thenujan @Aragorn - Thanks for your suggestions.

I am aware of the window rules, but they don’t quite work the way I need them to.

One example, say I assign my code editor to open in desktop #3… later if I want to quickly open another instance of my code editor in desktop #4, now it opens in desktop #3, and then I have to manually switch it back to desktop #4.

I was just wondering if there was like a ‘linux’ config setting that I could change, but I guess there isn’t.

But thanks for your help anyways.