Keyboard shortcut for right mouse click

I am using the latest Manjaro Mate version on my laptop. I would like to have a keyboard shortcut for the right mouse click, since the right mouse click on my laptop touch pad seems to be broken. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to do this.

do you mean to say that, the two-finger tap is not functional as a right-click

Not really. In my case, two finger tap is equal to a left mouse click and there is no problem.

The right mouse click (e. g. for copy-and-paste, open link in new tab etc.) is not working. I need a keyboard shortcut to replace that function, but don’t know how.

First of all really check whether the touchpad is actually broken. I had one issue where there was a setting turned on that a double click was interpreted as a right mouse click and therefore the singlie right click did not function. So really check the mouse preferences first. Here is my default configuration

To emulate a right mouse click with a keyboard shortcut in MATE.

  1. First install xdotool
sudo pacman -S xdotool
  1. Go to System->Preferences->Hardware->Keyboard shortcuts. Then click add shortcut and edit everything like this


xdotool click 3

as a command.


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Thank you very much.

I have the same setting as shown on the screenshot. It might really be the case that the right mouse click function on the mouse pad is broken.

Anyways, I managed to set up the short cut, thanks!

Your can mark my post as solution :slight_smile:

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