Keyboard settings getting reset

Hi there

I have a fresh install of manjaro (KDE) and have two annoying keyboard issues that are probably related.

1. Keyboard rate and delay reset

Changes made in the Keyboard Settings GUI are not persisted. Once the computer goes to sleep and I have to log in again, the settings are reset. Same goes for rebooting etc.
Adding the following to .xinitrc has no effect.

xset r rate 180 25

Typing the command in the terminal leads to the desired behaviour immediately, but is not persisted through log outs etc.

2. Key mappings reset

I make my capslock an esc key (and esc a menu key) via a .Xmodmap file with the following content

clear lock
keycode 66 = Escape Caps_Lock NoSymbol NoSymbol
keycode 9 = Menu NoSymbol Menu

I noticed that sometimes they switch back. One way I managed to reproduce the back switch was by

  1. going to Keyboard Settings Gui
  2. change some settings
  3. hit apply
  4. and then cancel the password prompt

Somehow canceling the process seems to cause a reload of the settings without considering my .Xmodmap.

Looking into it I saw the .Xmodmap is being loaded from the .xinitrc. I didn’t set this up myself, I assume this is manjaro default configuration. As far as I know, I never tinkered with the .xinitrc.

A quick search in this forum resulted in multiple threads about similar (rate/delay) issues, but none seemed to apply to my case.

I’d really appreciate any help finding the cause for this behaviour.