Keyboard lights stay on while system is Suspended

I’m not even totally sure where to put this topic, since I’m not sure whether it’s an issue with the hardware, the software or some combination of the two. But since people here actually know the OS I’m running, you might have more helpful advice for me than elsewhere

I recently just built a GMMK Pro keyboard, and while it works fine otherwise, I’ve found that when I suspend the system, the RGB lights stay on. I unplugged the USB cable to turn the lights off as a stopgap measure, but when I plugged it back in in the morning, I couldn’t wake the system using the keyboard, something I used to be able to do with my old keyboard.

I am running QMK Open Source Firmware on the keyboard, since the default config software doesn’t exist on Linux, so I am hoping this is just a problem with how that is configured, since I am kinda over my head when it comes to working with that software, and the guides online for using it with Linux are kinda sparse, or it’s just something to do with how Suspend works that can be fixed. This wasn’t a problem before because my previous keyboard didn’t have lights on it

I suspect my situation is a niche within a niche, but any help would be greatly appreciated

Hello @Knightshousegames :wink:

I guess it is simply this: If you wake up your computer by keyboard input, then the keyboard must be stay powered on, or at least the usb connection. It is firmware/UEFI related. Therefore, the LEDs stay on, since the keyboard has still power.

Addition: If you can power off the LEDs, then do that before you suspend. Could also be added as dependency of if software exists.

Yeah, that makes sense

I guess I would just need a way to turn off the light while the system is in Suspend mode then…

I may have to check the software to see if there is a way to set up a macro that turns the lights on or off

I’ll dig into that and see what I can find

I see similar issue with another keyboard with that firm, so a macro should be possible to define in keymap.

OK, so after some wrestling with a USB cable, I finally got this thing updated with a new key combo that allows for turning off the RGB by pressing fn+alt

I looked through the VIA software and I can’t seem to find anything about turning off the lights while the connected system is suspended or anything similar

If I wanted this to work automatically, is this something that makes more sense to approach from the keyboard side or from the OS side?

Both are valid options. But you should know how to send command to control the other device. For example, if you want to work from keyboard side, make that key combo also send

systemctl suspend

So then if I go the other way, would I just wanna somehow simulate the key presses, or is there some way to access commands onboard the keyboard itself?

If I could just have the suspend command somehow activate the RGB toggle when it enters and leaves suspend mode we are good to go, but I have absolutely no idea how I might accomplish that, or if it’s even possible

I suspect that is what they were trying to setup in that link you posted, but I only just barely got this firmware thing working, what documentation there is is scattered and very Windows Centric, It seems like QMK has the potential to be extremely powerful, it just seems to have a nearly vertical learning curve

Well, i have no idea but the documentation is here. Good luck.