Keyboard layout to login Sway (TTY2)

I just installed the Manjaro Sway version today. I chose to put my keyboard in French with the us layout (qwerty). The system is well in qwerty in Sway. But the login with tty2 is in azerty. Why is that? How to manage this ?

Once I understand the bug and how to configure, my next goal is to put the Lafayette QWERTY keyboard.

Thank you

For the correct (other than the default english) keymap to be set in TTY mode, you have to put it into


For me it looks like this:


Then you also need to make sure that the HOOKS line in

contains the “consolefont” keyword
after the “keymap” keyword

If you have to add it, you need to recreate the initramfs afterwards.

mkinitcpio -P

should do that

Not sure whether update-grub also does this.

actually, I think only the first part - editing:
is needed
The rest is only ensuring, that the keymap is already available in the initramfs stage - for example for putting in an decryption password with the right keymap set before the real system gets started.

Perfect, it seems to solve my problem for the login. However, the layout management tool of manjaro does not work. When I select my keyboard, it remains in qwerty us…

I cannot help with that issue.
Have no experience with sway and how it is configured or whether the tool you use is supposed to do what you want to do.
Someone else might know …

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Hi! This is just how sway works, it doesn’t read xdg keyboard settings, but uses its own configuration for that. Please head to our for useful hints regarding this.