Keyboard layout switcher not toggling

I have a French layout keyboard (this one is the one built in the laptop) but also uses an English layout keyboard (this one is connected on bluetooth).

It seems every time I want to go from one to the other, I have to go into the keyboard settings.

For some reason the keyboard layout switcher does not work for me.
I can see both layout added but the toggle ctrl+alt+k doesn’t do anything.
When I press it, the only option is the layout I am currently using.

I have tried setting custom shortcuts but those didn’t seem to respond.

I am very new to Manjaro (and Linux distro in general) so I’m assuming I did something wrong/am missing something obvious?
Let me know if you need any further details to help.

I did find a few threads but none seemed to solve my (probably rather silly and easy to solve) issue.

Possibly related… :arrow_down:


Thanks for linking me there.
It feels like maybe it could be.

I’ll keep a watch on that thread too.

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