Keyboard input does not get registered sometimes

Hello people,

I have manjaro gnome installed on my Lenovo legion y540. Recently I installed i3wm, everything works fine except sometimes the keyboard does not work. If I use my mouse and do some clicks here and there, then it starts working again. I don’t know what to search on google as I don’t the problem exactly.

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Have you tried an external keyboard already and see if you can reproduce it there?

  • If you can reproduce this on an external keyboard: Please try creating a new user and logging in there and try to reproduce it there and report back with your findings.
  • If you cannot reproduce this on an external keyboard: Your internal keyboard might be just dirty: try vacuum cleaning it on the lowest setting and if the issue persists, have it replaced; it’s broken.
  • If you don’t have another keyboard to test this with, talk to your mum / dad / uncle / aunt / GF / BF and borrow theirs for an hour or so.


I’m experiencing the same Problem on a T14, though I did not install i3wm. The keyboard occasionally doesn’t respond. The only input it recognizes is the Super key. After pressing it, everything works normally again.

Thanks for replying @Fabby.

  • This is a fairly new laptop and there are no issues in gnome with the keyboard. So, I don’t think that vcuum cleaning is an option.

  • I do not have a keyboard for external testing rn. I know my friend has one, I will borrow and update this comment if that works.