Keyboard becomes unresponsive and repeats last input infindefinitely with mute and volume up

Hey there,

I have installed XFCE Version of Manjaro 20.2 as a dual boot on my old Samsung NP355V5C Notebook and have run into a problem: when I try to set the volume with the function keys the keyboard just repeats the last input indefinetly (e.g. toggle ‘mute’ on/off or increase the volume to max. ) and becomes unresponsive. This only seems to happen with the ‘mute’ and ‘volume up’ function keys. The touchpad still works while the keyboard is stuck. Reboot fixes the problem until one of the two keys is pressed again. This problem still occurs after a fresh install.
I’m completely new to Linux so I might just have messed something up with the keyboard settings. It’s a german keyboard (should be T1 layout) and I selected the german (no dead keys) layout during setup.

I dont know if this is related at all, but while booting I get the following error message (The ‘*’ is a weird square character):
“Failed to start Load/Save *mess of backlight:acpi_video0”

.No other error messages whatsoever.


:+1: Welcome to Manjaro! :+1:

I’ve reclassified your question to the XFCE category and added crucial information to your title.

While waiting from someone from the XFCE group to respond, in KDE, you have to go to System SettingsKeyboard (Not Keyboard Settings) where you can change the keyboard layout:

Maybe that helps you on your way of finding this in XFCE yourself.

If not: do not despair: XFCE help is on its way!