Keyboard and mouse input not waking from sleep

Hello, new Manjaro and KDE user here. Running on a Starlabs StarBook Mk VI. Kernal 6.5.5-1.

When the laptop is put to sleep by some means, the only way I can get it to wake is by opening the laptop (sometimes closing and opening). The system does not seem to respond to keyboard or mouse interactions, or by pressing the power button in any manner (a long press will power off). An LED on the side of the laptop fades on a cycle indicating the laptop is in sleep mode.

Power settings only deal with conditions that activate sleep, I can’t find any ‘wake’ settings. Could anyone offer any suggestions?

Many thanks, Aidan

According to this:

have a look around in your BIOS/UEFI setup, because this one is up to the hardware

Hope this helps!

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Thank you - I will see what I can find and post back here.

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I spoke with StarLabs and there is a Firmware update due next week which will solve the power button not triggering a wake up.

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