Key bindings on Manjaro Sway

I’m having trouble with keybindings on my recent (today) fresh Manjaro Sway installation.
I use a french keyboard, and I have :

input type:keyboard {
	xkb_layout "fr"
    xkb_numlock enable

in my config file. But for some reason keybinds are considered like if I was using qwerty.
For instance, kill is set with

$bindsym $mod+Shift+q kill

But I have to press $mod+Shift+a in order to trigger the kill command.
Except bindings, everything works fine, in azerty.
Am I missing something ? something to add in the config file to tell Sway that I’m using an azerty keyboard for bindings ?


Ok sorry I’m stupid, it was due to the option --to-code added to the definition $bindsym, my bad…

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