Kernels past 5.3 have a huge performance downgrade in emulators and some games

I don´t know how the people who can fix this could notice this problem (I sure can´t so I ask you all to do it if you know how), but in newer kernels somethings are not working as they should.
I had exactly the same problems listed in this post:
(I can´t paste links for some reason)
But I have an Intel CPU, so this problem is not exclusive to that AMD CPU.
And I don´t see any improvement to this day, so if any developer is reading this, please fix this bug or contact whoever could do it to fix it, it´s absolutely impossible to play certain emulators/games in Linux right now (mostly in Arch based distros according to the person that redacted the post in the Archlinux forums).

you have a haswell intel family ,
also ivy is concerned for kernel 5.4+
i suspect microcode for these family as you may not have update bios for vulnerabilities ( 2018+ )

Here is some information on a possible problem in the Kernel. On the first page is an excellent response from Linus Torvalds:

And what is wrong with the haswell family? I didn´t understand that.
Who is ivy? sorry that I don´t know.
The last update for my bios is from 2016 so I can´t update it.

Can you give some hardware info?
inxi -Fza

Does that mean that this problem is just a part of a bigger problem in recent Linux kernels? And they are trying to fix it already?

I have a small Audio PC with Intel Celeron N3150 CPU.
Runs fine with kernel 4.19.

The basic problem is integral to the concept of a “scheduler”. IMHO, I think as software had become more complicate and hardware has now added multiple cores to the CPU, scheduling is going to get more complicated. At least, that is my opinion. Read carefully what Linus writes.

about ivy bridge , haswell , this was time just before skylake appears ,
and some manufacturers motherboards was started to cheat on turbo pstates frequencies that go beyond limit cpu , Intel change to not take anymore acpi frequencies turbo for that , and it was called hwp.

in fact intel has to change this before skylake appears , and after some update bios , you can have in this case soft pstate but no hwp state, also some laptops are also concerned if there is no hwp pstate

see more on this

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As I said, the problem is in kernels post 5.3, 4.19 works fine for me too.

I understand that, but my problem, as said in the post of the archlinux forum, is only present in archlinux distros, so it´s not impossible to do it right, it´s just a problem with the archlinux kernels or some packages related to it.

what would you recommend me to do to solve this? Should I disable pstate or cstate from bios?

@RBNMN Check out my post above for the research I did when I started having performance issues with the most recent stable kernel. You can ignore the part regarding the kernel parameter if you didn’t make any changes to grub. Good luck and Cheers!