Kernel update fixes network driver and breaks display driver

Hello. I am currently wayy out of my depth with this one and would love some help.

I use a TP-LINK TLWN2279 usb wireless adapter to connect to wireless networks. I recently setup a wifi network and my wifi does not show in the wireless connection options. I checked online and this appears to be fixed with a kernel update so I updated the kernel to linux64.

Black screen. So I check online chroot into the system through a live usb and install linux64-rt which works. Linux64-rt finds and connects to my network flawlessly. Except it doesn’t recognize my monitor as hdmi.

This is inxi of the old (linux515) kernel

and inxi of the new (linux64-rt) kernel

It says no graphics driver installed so I tried installing intel i915 drivers through the pacman gui but that transaction fails.

in the old kernel it shows monitor clearly

but in the new it just says none

I also tried installing mesa-amber, but that again resulted in a black screen.

Do you need to install a realtime kernel ?
The most recent is 6.4. The LTS kernel is 6.1.

And don’t post screen shots from the terminal.

Hello, sorry for the late reply but I had a bit of a hectic month and couldn’t really spend time thinking about the linux.

It appears I need a RT release because non RT kernels just end up on a black screen.

All the LTS releases end up that way.