Kernel - System Settings Module: How do I change kernels?

this graphic depicts KDE’s kernel system settings module, which lets you install or remove a kernel, but doesn’t have any option that I can see for choosing a kernel. the only option is to uninstall, but if you do, you lose packages that might be required for the system to boot. Who knows?

I want to change kernels, how do i do that? what is this widget even supposed to do? How is one supposed to keep their cool when faced with this sort of thing? This widget looks like a fast track to brick your system. I want to use the rt kernel. And not just for one little try, but permanently.

Press the Install button on the kernel you want. It will install everything that follows with it.

Then you choose in Grub when you reboot, what kernel you boot.


i already isntalled the rt kernel, and I’ve not seen GRUB yet since I installed Manjaro, but after I invoke it and choose a kernel, will that choice be persistent?

(i just RTFM on how to show GRUB, will try your suggestion thanks)

If your grub is configured to.