Kernel support for Intel Arc A750

I got myself a new rig coming in the next few days that has a A750 as its gpu , I do know that its supported by default with the 6.2 kernel…so my question is this: does 6.1 also supports it by default ?!(id like to make a fresh install and the only iso image you guys have for download is with a 6.1 kernel) so do i need to jump trough hoops and install it first with no proprietary drivers and afterwards pull in kernel 6.2 and the A750 driver for it ?!
Any insight you guys can offer would be appreciated(apart from the classy why not buy a RTX 3xxx OR RX 6xxx and skip the hassle)

As a side note these are the specs for said rig: H610 Intel Core i5-12400F 1TB SSD 32GB DDR4(3200) Intel Arc A750 8GB its what you would call a budget friendly rig for gaming at 1080P with bells&whistles on and since the titles i play either have vulkan support/run trough steam’s proton i expect it to perform quite well(have been keeping an eye on it for a while and most of its driver issues now seem to be mostly resolved)

…with Linux 6.2 there is nice out-of-the-box support finally for Arc Graphics. In user-space Mesa 22.2 or newer is needed (ideally the imminent Mesa 22.3 for the best support/performance).

Linux 6.2 Will No Longer Treat Intel Arc Graphics As Experimental - Phoronix