Kernel problem I guess : No irq handler

While boot, I am getting this error.

[marko@marko-hpenvy ~]$ hostnamectl

Static hostname: marko-hpenvy
Icon name: computer-convertible
Chassis: convertible
Machine ID: 24e2c57f6ba84d06b308aa0bfc428c1c
Boot ID: af82a8aa5386476aa19adf8bcc9a13e3
Operating System: Manjaro Linux
Kernel: Linux 5.8.3-2-MANJARO
Architecture: x86-64


I would say:

  1. Upgrade your UEFI/BIOS if possible
  2. installing irqbalance could be helping. Don`t forget to start and enable the service.
  3. Add pci=nomsi,noaer to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX= in /etc/default/grub and execute sudo update-grub in a terminal. (that should suppress the message and let the system boot)

Since it is a bug somehow by reading the kernel bug reports, idk what else could be done there.


Oh, I’m also getting this message at every bootup, but never care about it. Oopsie :sweat_smile:

But the system worked.
In a few parts I’m always having trouble (drivers for audio, ethernet and gpu) is this the cause?

Before changing the /etc/default/grub file permanently I would test it from the grub menu as proposed by Bogdan:


this coming from this change in linux kernel


Also effecting AMD 3600XT CPU kernel

Grub fixes do not work. And installing irq balance is no solution.

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I didn’t find fix for this issue… I tried every kernel, same thing

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i have the same problem,

Everyone should at least list their kernel and motherboard and bios version

I think this happened after i flashed the bios so it may be a bios update that caused it

Kernel : 5.9

Motherboard : Gigabyte X570 AORUS ELITE (rev. 1.0)

Bios : F31b

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same here
kernel 5.9.1-1
mb: ASRock > B550 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ax
cpu: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

Hi, same here:

Kernel: 5.9.10-1
Mainboard: ASUS B550m plus (updated bios didn’t change anything)
CPU: Ryzen 3600

Same thing, showing this after Bios upgrade

MSI X570 Game Plus
Bios: 7C37vAC1(Beta version)
Kernal: 5.9.11-2