[Kernel] PinePhone Megi-config based kernel build

Currently I’m running a custom kernel based on Megi’s personal default kernel configuration on his PinePhone.
His personal kernel configuration can be is publicly available from here:
In this package you’ll find linux.config, which is his personal kernel configuration and served as base for my kernel build.
The difference between Megi’s kernel and mine is that in my kernel configuration all modules to boot the basic phone have been built-in instead of using kernel modules, which means that the phone doesn’t need to probe kernel modules during boot-up.
Also the firmware for the drivers have been built-in.
Currently the kernel has been tested on Phosh only by me, this is why I have posted it in the Phosh forum topic for now.
In the coming days/weeks I’ll test it on Plasma Mobile as well and make a separate announcement when it would be ready.
If you would like to help me out in testing this kernel, you can find it on my nextcloud instance, along with the configuration file used to build it:
To install it, download the linux-pinephone-5.15.5-2-aarch64.pkg.tar.zst package to your device.
Then run pacman -U linux-pinephone-5.15.5-2-aarch64.pkg.tar.zst to install it.
When you do an update of the whole system, it might be handy to prevent linux-pinephone from updating, as it wants to re-install the default package again.
This can be done in /etc/pacman.conf, where you need to alter:
IgnorePkg = linux-pinephone, don’t forget to remove # in front of it.
If you test it out, please let me know your experience with it in a comment on this topic.
I also have a undervolted version which I’m running privately, and if interested can share this as well.

Greetings Jasper

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Built-in modules is one thing, but Megi’s settings are not the best you should run your pinephone with…

Why would Megi’s configuration would be bad to run on the PinePhone?
I’m running it on my daily driver already for the past few weeks, without any issues to be honest.
Only on my testing image, on SD-Card is completely stock development image, so I can verify if troubles I’m having are kernel related or not.

I don’t know what kind of issue you might think you have with the kernel. Our config is most likely compared with all the other distributions out their to have a sane default config. Most difference are the governors and other settings.

I’m not saying I have any issues with the stock kernel of Manjaro at all.
Just wanted to optimize the kernel which I’m running a bit more to my own use-case, but if some-one is interested as well that’s why I’m sharing it.
Only thing I found not to be working on stock Manjaro kernel is creating the usb tethering interface but I already tracked down the issue which causes that.
I reported that to the respective issue tracker already.

I see the mismatch. Will have to double check if that is the only one.

Can you post the PKGBUILD so we can build it ourselves?