Kernel panic and Windows also not working

For some background: I was working on Windows 10 and eventually my laptop froze. Since it was frozen for over 5 minutes I decided to force shutdown using the power key. I tried to boot onto Manjaro but instead I got a kernal panic (caps lock was flashing). When I tried to boot onto Windows, it showed the spinning circle animation and then the screen went black and is stuck on the black screen.

What should I do to resolve this?

Shut down your pc and try booting again
Your hard disk may be corrupted

I have restarted my computer and tried booting but I get a Kernal panic everytime. Also, I have two drives in my computer. An SSD where Manjaro is and the bootloader, and then an HDD for Windows. So if Windows corrupted itself, I’d assume it would be isolated to Windows?

Shut down not reboot.
Try with a different kernel if you have one installed.
And thats very interesting that you cant boot since you have 2 drives…

I meant to say shutdown. When the kernal panics I hold the power key until it’s off then I start it again. I assume this is fine?

The forced shutdown in windows could messed up something on your mobo, i have no idea how would you not be able to not boot otherwise…
Did you tried a different kernel if you have one?

Sadly not, I’ll see if I can get a bootable USB later today. Is there something I could possibly look into in the meantime?

Yes manjaro live usb would be good, you can chroot from it and check logs, or install another kernel…
Is it a desktop? You can unplug the windows disk and try booting into manjaro

It’s a laptop but I tried disabling the Windows drive from the BIOS but I still get a Kernal panic. On the plus side, at least I can access my BIOS menu.

Was fastboot disabled in windows?
You coul set bios to defaults, but first note down the current bios setting like secure boot disabled, legacy/uefi enabled etc… then default bios, shut down your pc, and reenable again the previous bios setting like disabling secure boot etc…
But if you dont want to mess with bios than rather dont do it…

So a little update. I turned on my laptop after about 5 hours of the issue. Now everything works fine. When I logged onto Windows it showed it was installing an update and when I restarted it showed the BIOS was updating. Manjaro is also working. All this still feels really strange but at least it works now.

I dont know how old your hardware is, but its possible the hard drive is failing by what you describe. You might want to look into that and backup important files while you can…

Well I hope it’s not that. My laptop is about half a year old.