Kernel panic after trying to wake up from hybrid-sleep

Both suspend and hibernation (selected from the top right menu) work normally.
Closing the laptop / letting it suspend after a inactivity period works fine provided I try to wake up the laptop after a short amount of time.

When I let the laptop sit unused for a bit and it suspends automatically or I turn on hybrid-sleep from top right menu manually and then try to wake it up by pressing any key on the keyboard the caps lock light starts flashing after a few seconds which I assume to be kernel panic.

Im using linux kernel 6.1.1-1 because I found that my speakers don’t work on the recommended LTS version.
It might be worth noting that the laptop wont wake up from deep sleep also so currently it suspends to s2idle.

Laptop model: Hp elitebook 840 g9


First part: Stop kernel panic (laptop still wont boot from hybrid sleep but now it doesn’t go into panic):
Disable “Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VTd)” in BIOS, for me it was located in Advanced>System Options.
Along with disabling this setting “DMA Protection” should also turn off automatically, if it doesn’t u can try to disable it manually however I didn’t notice any impact on the kernel panic problem with this setting on or off.

If u don’t have this setting in BIOS or disabling it didn’t help try to disable all optional settings in BIOS and see if any of them cause kernel panic.

Now in my case the laptop didn’t kernel panic however the hybrid sleep still didn’t work.

Second part: Fix the won’t wake up from hybrid sleep issue:

  • I removed the auto-cpufreq package (it is a optional package so if you didn’t install it ignore this step). I found that powertop and tlp work fine its just this package that causes problems.

  • For me I updated the kernel from 6.1 to 6.2, however if you are reading this later you should probably try to update to the newest kernel u can, if that won’t fix the issue u can also try to update to a experimental kernel (for me 6.2 was experimental rc when I updated).

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