Kernel not found


Today my laptop with manjaro stopped working and it shows kernel not found, then I tried to install them but after “sudo manjaro-chroot -a” command in live USB it shows

Please can someone help me?

Things like that don’t happen magically, all out of the blue. There must be a reason why you ended up in that situation, which is that either…

  • your hardware is failing — which would make it pointless to try and fix things; or…
  • you did something, whatever it was.

If you want us to help you out, then you’re going to have to provide us with more information. :man_shrugging:

Lets assume interrupted update due to user mistake or power failure…otherwise it is a dying disk that starts losing information.

Try installing glibc. It is a bit strange it is missing from the live usb…maybe it indicates another problem, i do not know.


My laptop was installing some packages and my battery died because I was not near any plug.

Then I plugged the PC And on my main kernel it shows this:

And the other kernel when loaded, it shows this:

I think if installing glibc does not help, you should try to manually chroot and recover from interrupted update.
Here if you use btrfs.

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How to install the GLIB_2.38?

pacman -S glibc

After installation, it stills says the GLIBC Is not found, So please Tell me how to fix this

This is very difficult to do on a system that doesn’t already have glibc installed, because you would need a statically linked glibc first in order to be able to chroot into the system.

You may not like it — I wouldn’t either — but it’s probably easier to just reinstall. Make sure you have a backup of all your personal files first.


That won’t work, because pacman relies on glibc, as does for that matter anything needed for chrooting.