Kernel linux 5.10.12-2 unstable update 01.02.2021

Boot error:
libbpf: Failed to find valid kernel BTF
libbpf: Error loading vmlinux BTF: -3
libbpf: Failed to load object ‘iterators_bpf’
libbpf: failed to load BPF skeleton iterators_bpf: -3
Failed load could be wrong endianess

From Arch Linux depend build modules:
Possibly related to not having BTF support in kernel config:


Can you please tell me which application you are using that requires BTF.

I really don’t know if we should go down that road at all. It will enlarge our kernels for sure and is not needed for daily use as normal users, on which our distro is focused on.

I get the same errors on a fresh install of manjaro-kde-dev-20.2.1-unstable-minimal-210128-linux59.iso

I have no idea what it means and it doesn’t appear to affect the system in anyway.

Neither application uses BTF. It prompts this at the boot screen

maybe related to this: FS#69155 : [linux-hardened] 5.10.4.a-1 libbpf: Failed to find valid kernel BTF

It was on this site FS#69155 : [linux-hardened] 5.10.4.a-1 libbpf: Failed to find valid kernel BTF that I saw such a problem

Disabling the following should fix it:


I can confirm the messages on a default 5.10.12-2 (unstable) and I can add - the messages is absent on 5.11.rc6

Thank you for helping me solve the problem. best regards

Should be fixed with Kernel Build 5.10.12-3


Thanks. It is fixed here with 5.10.12-3. That was fast. I was just trying to learn something by building my own with the information that philm posted above. I’ll let it run and see how I do :wink:

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