Kernel is tainted. how to fix?

in the firmware security windows it shows: Kernel is tainted
how to fix that warning? and what causes it?

Do not load out of tree modules. Out of tree modules are modules that are not developed and supported by Linux Kernel developer. For example the Nvidia module or the virtualbox module. But there are others.

If you load an out of tree module, you see this waring.

It is not a big problem, in most cases you should ignore it. Sometimes you need an out of tree module, or your hardware does not work at its full potential.


You cannot. All Manjaro kernels are tainted, because they pull in out-of-tree modules.

The term “tainted” refers to all code that gets loaded into the kernel and isn’t licensed under the GPLv2. :wink:


Well, strictly speaking that’s not quite true.

It is true that a standard user kernel is marked like that, but the warning can be gotten rid of, if you download, configure, compile, and use your own kernel, making sure there’s no out-of-tree modules being used.

Pedantic, I know.



I doubt that anyone who wonders what the word “tainted” means with regard to a kernel would have the prowess to build a vanilla kernel and — even better still — boot up from it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here, but my albeit very technical, pedantic point still stands.


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