Kernel install and rescue usb [Resolved]

Hi, I have just installed the 5.15.6-2 kernel on my Manjaro Cinnamon but before rebooting I would like to create a rescue usb key because the last time I changed kernel, my system crashed.

What would you advise me as a rescue system iso?

Thanx in advance

Any recent Manjaro .iso will do fine. They all have the necessary tools on board. :wink:

Unsolicited advice: install 2 kernels, one of which LTS


thank you for the answer.
I was thinking more along the lines of Systemrescue, Rescatux, TheUltimateBoot, etc… because it automates repairs.
What do you think about it?
But according to you if I take the last iso of Manjaro for example I would have what it takes?

Yes, you normally would. I haven’t heard of any situations yet in which the live session of the installer .iso did not have the necessary tools available.

Ok, thank you.
5.4.163-1 LTS is installed but not used
I’m on 5.13.19-2 and I have installed 5.15.6-2
I will reboot

Just do regular backups with timeshift or any backup program you want. With a live usb you can restore your backup if the worst ever happens


Okay, good idea. I used Timeshift on Ubuntu but I didn’t install it on Manjaro, I will do it

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2 kernels do help often, but sometimes this is not sufficient.
Module nouveau: unknown symbol in module

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Restoring timeshift or similar backups as suggested by other is a better idea because those tools are usually Ubuntu/Debian specific or experimental at best for Arch/Manjaro


Ok, I will close the topic to “Resolved”
Thank you for your answers

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There’s a hook/script in the repos to autosnap a timeshift backup everytime you run a system update

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