Kernel hangs on my Intel PCs

On Manjaro stable release only.

Since at least the kernel 5.10 series, I had random perfect hangs of my PC systems based on Intel chips. No logs found to help.

  • Intel NUC with i5-8259U CPU, systemd-boot
  • Razer Blade Stealth with i5-7500U CPU, Grub

I patiently tested many culprits, and the following combo of kernel options stabilized my systems
rw noirqdebug pci=noaer idle=nomwait processor.max_cstate=1

Despite these set of options, energy managment features of the systems work, the energy consumptions are as low as usual.

Only a sab drawback, sleeping the laptop remove the touchpad movements on wake, but not the click/tap functions. I do not know how to reset the driver…