Kernel halted and High CPU temps with 6.8.4-1 Kernel

After updating to New Linux version 6.8.4-1, the system froze and had to reboot, and since then my idle CPU temps is around 70-80 C, while on the older versions is the CPU temp idle around 40-50 C.
I’ve checked that by running an older kernel including LTS, and even rolling back on the older version of linux68, like 6.8.2
Anyone else noticing this?
I’m running Manjaro Xfce on thinkpad T420.

I’ve just installed that kernel (didn’t even notice it was available until your post).
Nothing obvious on my AMD system running Plasma. Not so far, anyway.

you should add others kernels and boot from grub with advanced selection kernel
you can use 6.1 LTS , 6.6 LTS or 5.15 LTS

Yeah, this is what I’m currently doing.
I’m booting from 6.6 LTS.
Still something changed in the latest kernel update that cause CPU to ideal at high temps.
I even checked with other machine.
So far Sandy bridge and Ivy bridge both have high CPU temps with 6.8.4-1

I’ve found out what triggers the kernel halt.
Switching from DC to AC on a laptop cause it in about 90% of the time on kernel 6.8.4-1, while on the other kernels this didn’t happen.

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This kernel version does not resume from suspend either. But rc6 did. Strange.

I can confirm this as well.
Very odd, because rc6 does.

I see 6.8.5 is out. Fingers crossed. Installed it last night. Resume from suspend works again. Woo hoo.

Yeah, resume from suspend works again.
CPU temps ARE lower than 6.8.4, but still not the same as 6.6 or 6.7.
On 6.8.5 temps at idle is about 65-75

Hmm. My temps at idle are 47 - 55 .

I’ve been experimenting with 6.1 and 6.8, and I’ve found that CPU temps are lower with the LTS.
For example running zoom on any LTS (6.1/6.6), I get decent temps and no high idle CPU usage.
While 6.7 and 6.8 had high temps and idle CPU usage.