Kernel for best performance

I am currently running kernel 5.10.
I need a kernel that gives me the best performance without a charger
My laptop (hp pavilion) becomes a little laggy after removing the charger.
both in window 10 (not that much) and manjaro (too much) my browser (Vivaldi) become a lot slower but that is not the case in windows 10
so I needed a custom kernel that keeps performance same as it was while charging
or if anyone can tell me how to remove that issue without changing kernel

thank you

Have you tried configuring tlp power management? There’s a few things you can tweak for balance of battery and performance


Newer kernels usually bring improvements and new features towards the system. Although if you want to specifically work on performance, you’ll need to look at something else.

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Yeah just tried some setting using tlp power management. it did show some effect.
thank you for suggesting

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