Kernel fix for Megapixels on the original PinePhone (ov5640)

Any chance we can get:

backported any time soon? According to

this is the upstream fix for the regression (since December) where Megapixels is taking pictures with a greenish or cyanish (depending on lighting conditions) tint. It has made it into 6.3 (see the above links), but not 6.2 nor 6.1, neither upstream nor in the megi kernel. It would be great not to have to wait months longer for the regression fix. (It has already taken 3 months.)

A version with the patch can be downloaded here:

Great, this fixes it indeed! Finally nice colors in my photos again! Thanks!

I take it that this will also be included in the next regular kernel update, right?

For 6.1 kernel series yes. 6.2 breaks how the video stack is used anyway: OG PP won't work with Megapixels 1.6.0 on 6.2 kernel by Megi (#66) · Issues · postmarketOS / megapixels · GitLab

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