Kernel choices after 5.9.16-1

Hello Manjaro team -
After recent update of my Gnome desktop system I see, temporarily, the Manjaro icon on the upper right status bar, and I think it’s trying to tell me I can install a more recent kernel. Can you point me to some documentation that tells me when is the right time to install this, and why I might want to do this, or avoid it. At this time everything is working fine, with the exception of Evolution mail, which has a Webkit problem, and I don’t think that’s a kernel issue.

When your kernel is EOL, which it is. You shouldn’t be using 5.9 anymore

If you want to stick with the same kernel for a long period of time, use a LTS kernel, such as 5.10 or 5.4

If you want to stick with the newest or latest, which is good for newer hardware, just keep upgrading when the next stable gets released, which is 5.11 atm. Some stuff from newest stable kernels gets backported to LTS kernels, but not everything.

You should always have at least 2 kernels install on your computer regardless, in case an issue arises from one of them during an upgrade.

After 5.9 I tried 5.10 and 5.11 but found the 5.4 was better for me.
You can install a few, and choose at boot time - see how the session goes.

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I am looking at my Kernel’s in the System Settings Module and I am currently using 5.9.16-1 (Linux59) but the recommended LTS is 5.4.100.

Should I switch to 5.4.100? Linux(54)

From my understanding of this thread, 5.9.16-1 is no longer supported.

Use kernel 5.10 LTS first to see if it works fine. If not use kernel 5.4 LTS if you want an LTS kernel. If you run an AMD system, Kernel 5.11 has a lot of nice AMD updates

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