Kernel 6.9 & Manjaro upgraded to 24 - Stuck on start screen

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I installed Manjaro 24 and I love it. Thanks Manjaro Team!

The upgrade went well, after a couple of reboot and minor settings adjustment everything worked great. So I decided to install the Kernel 6.9.
My computer is a Minisforum UM790 pro (AMD 7940hs).
When I booting now:
1 - Grub is passed as usual.
2 - The Manjaro logo with 3 dots show up in 1080p resolution (same that the grub screen)
3 - The screen with the Manjaro logo resizes to 4k (which is my default resolution
Then it gets stuck there forever - the login screen never show up. the computer is not responsive except for ctrl+alt+del…

If I revert to Kernel 6.8 it works again: after point 3 the login screen shows up.
If I keep the Kernel 6.9 and push the “Esc” button during point 2, to see the terminal screen, then the point 3 never happens, it goes straight to the login screen - in 4k - and everything works perfectly.

Actually it works better than before since now the sleep mode and restart work without a glitch. Before the sleep mode wouldn’t work if I don’t log out first and for “restart” sequence would be stuck at some point (I’m suspecting a display issue for the restart since the computer seems to restart but the display remains off)

Anybody has any idea what could be my issue?

check out recent items on plymouth issues on start-up with various gpu’s

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Thanks I ditched plymouth and everything works fine